UK Border Agency Retracts Criticisms of TAG in its latest October Bulletin.

By Together Against Genocide (TAG, formerly Tamils Against Genocide), Tuesday, October 23 2012
The UKBA's October Bulletin was made public (as far as we know) on Monday 22nd October ahead of Tuesday's charter flight. TAG was not notified of its publication or of adverse and inaccurate comments relating to the Sep 16 TAG report in the Bulletin.
The Bulletin also challenged a range of NGO reports that had been published in September 2012 and earlier.

TAG have challenged the contents of the report and have obtained a retraction. We are informed by the government's solicitors that:

"The following amendments to that bulletin have now been made:
The second sentence at 3.3.4 -  “This is incorrect data even from the sample of 13 provided to date as their claims were not based upon any return incident” has been deleted.
The penultimate sentence at 3.3.4 -  “This shows that almost half of the asylum claims were not accepted …..” has been amended to “The status of almost half of the asylum claims is unclear…..
The third sentence at 13.6 - “It is noted that of the 13 determinations submitted to the Agency, three of the claimants did not base their asylum claim on mistreatment after a return to Sri Lanka from the UK and a third case was a voluntary return from Switzerland, whose alleged ill treatment occurred 5 months after return” has been deleted
The revised version of this bulletin has been sent for publication on the UK Border Agency website and decision makers in the Agency have been made aware of the changes. The Courts and Tribunal have also been made aware of the changes. "