Diaspora Groups Offer Australia Safe, Free Transport for UN Approved Refugees

By Tag Advocacy Team, Thursday, July 19 2012
Tamil diaspora groups from Australia, America and Europe have written to the Australian Government's Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers offering help to combat the abuse and exploitation of asylum seekers. The submission, responding to the Panel's call for civil society inputs says: 

"In the context of Sri Lanka’s ongoing ethnic conflict and the attendant human rights abuses this is generating, Tamil refugee flows from the island are likely to continue unabated. Tamil Diaspora organizations wish to contribute to the safe management of these flows, working with international partners, by providing free passage on safe, managed ships to Tamils with UN refugee status. 

This proposal, drawing on the global Tamil Diaspora’s resources and skills, and working with international partners, will undermine and help contain the problem of abusive and exploitative people smugglers and the risks to personal and international security their activities entail. "

The full text  submitted to the Australian government is here

Details of the expert panel and its mandate can be found here