'Why Tamils Say Genocide' and other Pre May 2009 Articles on the Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka

By TAGAdvocacy, Monday, March 12 2018
In addition to TAG's own advocacy and research, here is some writing in the Tamil Guardian (www.tamilguardian.com) , by TAG members, which largely precedes TAGs founding. It was written, during the final phase of the war, even as mass atrocities were imminent or ongoing, for a mainly Tamil audience . 
  1. October 2006, Why Tamils Say Genocide http://www.tamilguardian.com/content/why-tamils-say-genocide
  2. May 2008, Insecurity and the Lessons of History 
  3. June 2008, Genocide or Politicde and Why Does it Matter 
  4. July 2008 Loud Echoes of a Bloody Past http://www.tamilguardian.com/content/loud-echoes-bloody-past
  5. Oct & Nov 2008 Its the Tamil Economy Stupid http://sangam.org/tamil-economy-stupid/
  6. Dec 2008 Sri Lanka and the Dark Side of Democracy  http://www.sangam.org/2009/01/Dark_Side.php?uid=3224
  7. April 15 2009 Tamils Are Sub Human http://www.sangam.org/2009/05/Subhuman.php?uid=3447